Monday, August 27, 2012

Red Bank Chess Camp -

Traveling Junior Coaches CAN DO (Despite Hurricane Ernesto!)

This camp was held on Tuesday August 7- the day that Hurricane Ernesto arrived! This camp set all NEW RECORDS!! We hope that it will provide some ideas for other districts as there are many benefits to all concerned. We think this concept can be expanded to allow junior coaches to travel to other districts. They get to see some of “their Belize”, experience life in a village that is different from theirs, develop their leadership and teaching skills and help kids in other parts of Belize learn chess.

The Red Bank Story

Tony Sho is the only active player in Red Bank Village and he had no chess set in the village, until our qualifying tournament, when he won a chess set. Later he played in Olympiad on the winning “SHO TIME” team. He wanted to conduct a chess camp in his village, but there were a few challenges...

LIKE no boards, no help, no adult to assist and no money to put on a camp. BUT there were kids who wanted to learn chess and Tony had the “never give up” Stann Creek Chess Family to count on.

We thought that there were enough Junior Coaches in our district to send some to help Tony, so here is what happened:

  • Pedro Pixabaj organized 3 leaders from Silk Grass, Ivor Pixabaj, Henry Bull and Herman Bull to go to Red Bank to help
  • Marciano Acal stepped up to be the adult contact for the planned 4 day beginner camp
  • Tony and friends found food and lodging in the village for the 3 visiting coaches
  • some money was found and some fruit was served
  • 16 beginners signed up and the camp was planned to start on Tuesday Aug 7
  • Unfortunately a hurricane was approaching and we had to decide to go or no go
  • With great courage the parents and village said ”lets GO” and off they went!

Here are the results of the camp

  • the camp was planned for 4 days
  • the kids learned all their lessons in 3 days
  • So they concluded the camp one day early. This is because the teachers taught more effectively than expected, and the kids learned more quickly than expected. SO we are very proud of all the participants of this camp
  • Parents in both villages felt the camp was a success
  • the Junior leaders want to do it again
  • the kids in Red Bank want to play chess when school starts

Does it get any better than this??

Special thanks to Marciano Acal and Pedro Pixabaj who kept believing in the Junior Leaders and their camp. Congratulations to Tony, Ivor, Henry and Herman who lead the camp.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Stann Creek United Chess Family

Stann Creek Association Annual General Meeting took place on July 28, 2012 and it was agreed that a new district organization should be created and the terms of its organization (by-laws) were discussed and agreed to by all present as follows:
  • The name of the organization is the Stann Creek United Chess Family
  • The objective is to assist in creating chess clubs in elementary and high schools in the district through a Board of Directors elected for a 2 year period. There will be an annual general meeting held annually, in July. Amendments or additions to these by-laws would be made at that time
  • The Board of Directors includes President, Vice President, Fundraiser- Treasurer, and Secretary
  • The key activities of the Family would be to fund raise and sponsor chess activities that would be open to all and allow participation in the activities of the Belize National Youth Chess Federation.
  • These activities include sponsoring tournaments, starting chess clubs in district schools, holding summer chess camps and assisting new clubs or coaches as possible.
  • There is an annual membership fee of $10 which will form the basis of our annual fees of $100 to Belize Chess Federation

In addition, Elections were held and the following Board of Directors were elected for a 2 year period:

President : Pedro Pixabaj
Vice President: Ofelia Chiac
Treasure : Gerry Collins
Secretary Mardi Collins

Currently 2 summer chess camps are planned to be hold in Red Bank, Silk Grass and Maya Mopan.

Stann Creek and Toledo District will be sponsoring a BCF sanctioned Open Tournament on September 29 in Dangriga.